Rav's Personal Legal Practices

Cases for which Rav would have people flogged, for violation of rabbinic rulings or for disgraceful acts: Kiddushin 12b

Rav's position while reciting supplications on a public fast day: Megillah 22a, 22b

Allowed a finder of tar to keep it, and then told the man to split it with Rav's son, Rabbi Chiyya, when the man hesitated to rely on the permission: Bava Metzia 23b

Rav said it would be a disgrace of Hashem if he didn't pay for a purchase immediately: Yoma 86a

Prayer before entering a court: Yoma 86b

Rav arguing against a Mishnaic source, in his role as a Sage of the Mishnaic period which ended during his lifetime: Eruvin 50b; Ketuvot 8a

Rav and Speech during sexual intercourse: Chagigah 5b

His Blessings on learning Torah: Berachot 11b

His Prayer admitting Sin: Yoma 87b

Rav cursed those who permitted opening and closing a door with a candle behind it, on Shabbat: Shabbat 120b

Rav successfully cursing someone's efforts at planting flax on Purim: Megillah 5b

Rav And the Order of putting on Phylacteries and Reciting Shema: Berachot 14b

Made Kiddush beginning Shabbat on Bread when he felt that he was more desirous of bread: Pesachim 106b

Made Kiddush beginning Shabbat on Liquor; Rav Huna said that he did it because he made money from it, and so it was favorable in his eyes: Pesachim 107a

Rav refused to rule in legal matters after the Yom Tov meal, because of concern for the effects of intoxication: Beitzah 4a-b; Zevachim 18a

Rav refused to teach Torah when he was intoxicated, including Torah which one may teach while intoxicated, because people would always draw him into legal discussions: Keritot 13b

When Rabbi Chiyya learned in Rebbe's study hall and ate at his table, he said there was no need for him to make an individual donation to the meal merging their properties to permit transportation between them on Shabbat. Rav did the same, when he learned in Rabbi Chiyya's study hall: Eruvin 73a

How Rav and Rabbi Chiyya's wives prepared barley kernels for them on Shabbat: Beitzah 13b

Rav Acha Bardila's instructions to his son, or Rav's instructions to Rav Acha Bardila, on how to grind spices permissibly on Yom Tov: Beitzah 14a

Rav's care in arranging a business investment, lest it appear like prohibited ribbit, because of his status as an important person: Bava Metzia 73a

Rav and Levi teaching different Aramaic translations of Bereishit 49:27, tied to their halachic views: Zevachim 54a

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