Mordechai and Haman

What Haman did before the Purim Story: Megillah 16a

Haman selling himself to Mordechai, before the Purim story: Megillah 15a-b, 16a

Haman's rage at Mordechai: Megillah 13b; 15a-b

The reactions of the servants of Achashverosh, to Mordechai and to Haman: Megillah 16a

Haman was sent to Mordechai to reward him on the 16th of Nisan: Rashi Megillah 16a "U'LeTaanito"

Mordechai was learning the laws of taking the handful of flour for certain offerings when Haman came to him to carry out Achashverosh's reward: Megillah 16a

The conversation and interaction between Mordechai and Haman, when Haman arrived to carry out Achashverosh's reward: Megillah 16a

Haman and Mordechai after the King's reward to Mordechai: Megillah 16a

The advice of Haman's advisors to him, regarding dealing with Mordechai, based upon Mordechai's tribe, if he was from Yehudah, Binyamin, Ephraim or Menasheh: Megillah 16a

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