Rav Zvid

Rav Zvid had initial sexual relations on Shabbat: Ketuvot 7a

Rav Kahana eulogized him on the Intermediate days of a Holiday, because it was the day of the lesson in the Study Hall and so it was as though Rav Zvid was there: Moed Katan 27b

Rav Zvid's daughter-in-law rejected sexual relations with her husband, claiming he was repellent to her. Rav Zvid wanted to levy a financial penalty on her. A rabbinical court of Ameimar, Mar Zutra and Rav Ashi convened. There are two versions of the story, regarding whether they complied or not. In either version, Rav Gamda criticized them, accusing them of either kowtowing to Rav Zvid or flouting him, since the possibility of a financial penalty for this is controversial in Jewish law: Ketuvot 64a

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