Personal Legal Practices

Adding a Prayer to the end of the Amidah, for Gd to have mercy on the Jews: Berachot 16b

Considered it a Disgrace of Gd if he traveled Four Cubits without Torah & Phylacteries: Yoma 86a

His Prayer Admitting Sin: Yoma 87b

Rabbi Yochanan used to take on vows of fasting, and he was scrupulous in keeping them: Makkot 24a

Read Shema while leaning on his side: Berachot 13b; Niddah 14a

Declared, "Because we imagine it [to be so], shall we then rule this way practically?!": Gittin 19a

Wanted to set up the 10th of Av instead of the 9th to commemorate the Destruction of the Temple: Taanit 29a

Rescinded a woman's vow, when she admitted that she would not have vowed if she would have known that it would cause neighbors to gossip evilly about her family: Nedarim 21b-22a

Rabbah bar bar Chanah reported on what Rabbi Yochanan did with his holy scrolls and phylacteries when entering the bathroom: Berachot 23a-b

Rabbi Yochanan advised his family members regarding medical bills for their father's wife. Then he said he should have overridden the biblical imperative to help family members, because helping them could make him, as an important person, seem to be guilty of nepotism in their litigation [even though he was not a judge in the case]: Ketuvot 52b

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