Rav Yitzchak beraih deRav Yehudah

His mother correcting Rav Yehudah on an issue in examining menstrual blood: Niddah 20b

Rav Pappa served him at Rav Pappa's son's wedding, and he didn't rise for Rav Pappa, upsetting Rav Pappa: Kiddushin 32b

Rami bar Shemuel and Rav Yitzchak beraih deRav Yehudah, learning in the school of Rav Huna when overheard by Rav Huna's son, Rabbah bar Rav Huna: Niddah 17b

Yalta brought blood to Rabbah bar bar Chanah to check, and he ruled it impure, and then to Rav Yitzchak beraih deRav Yehudah and he ruled it pure: Niddah 20b

Rav Yitzchak breih deRav Yehudah saying, "This is the way my father explained it to me:" Eruvin 80b, 97a

Rav Yehudah asked his son, Rav Yitzchak, to go see how Ulla practiced Havdalah Ending Shabbat. Rav Yehudah pointed out Rav Yitzchak's great loss to him, when Rav Yitzchak sent Abbaye instead: Pesachim 104b

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