Rabbi Yannai

Told a man who gave tzedakah in public that it would have been better had he not given at all: Chagigah 5a

Asked Mar Ukva to send him Shemuel's eye-medications: Shabbat 108b

Asked his children to bury him in colored shrouds to prevent his posthumous embarrassment: Shabbat 114a; Niddah 20a

His daughters were known as important, respected people, and carried themselves as such: Kiddushin 11a

Rabbi Yannai Sava [the Elder] rescinding his grandson's vow based upon her expression of regret for the problems he had caused for himself: Nedarim 22a

He used to get dressed up and say "Come, my bride" at the start of Shabbat: Shabbat 119a

Rabbi Yannai told Rabbi Yochanan, "Had I not picked up the piece of pottery for you, you never would have found the gem underneath it!": Makkot 21b

Rabbi Yannai said he had forgotten a lesson, and his colleagues had reminded him of it: Keritot 25a

Rabbi Yannai citing Rabbi Yochanan, even though he was Rabbi Yochanan's rebbe: Keritot 5a, and see footnote on the daf

Reish Lakish said, regarding a statement of Rabbi Yochanan, "If not for the fact that a great man [Rabbi Yannai] praised you, I would have interpreted the issue differently.": Makkot 21b

Citing a decision which the rabbis made by voting [BaChaburah Nimnu viGamru]: Temurah 7a

Commenting on the remarkable significance of lessons learned from a Gezeirah Shavah: Keritot 5a

Rabbi Chanina [Kara] reported a law in front of Rabbi Yannai. Rabbi Yannai told him to say it outside; the ruling is incorrect: Ketuvot 56a

Yehudah breih d'Rabbi Chiyya was the son-in-law of Rabbi Yannai. He would learn in yeshiva all week, and come home on Friday, and Rabbi Yannai would see a pillar of flame before him. One week Yehudah stayed late in his learning, and there was no pillar of flame. Rabbi Yannai thought he had died, and told people to overturn his bed - and his speech was like an error by a ruler, and Yehudah passed away: Ketuvot 62b

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