Rabbi Oshia

Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Oshia as authors of the Tosefta: Ketuvot 69b

When Rabbi Oshia was a bachelor, and worked as a cobbler in a poor section of town, he never raised his eyes to look at the women whom he fitted for shoes; the local people used his name for their oaths: "By the lives of the holy Rabbis of Israel": Pesachim 113b

Rabbi Oshia calling Rav Yehudah "Rebbe": Bava Metzia 43b

Rabbi Oshia was labelled "BeRebi," as the Leading Figure of the Generation: Eruvin 53a [2x]; Chagigah 7a

Rabbi Yehudah Niseeah sent a thigh of a choice calf and a barrel of wine to Rabbi Oshia for the Mitzvah of Sending Gifts of Food on Purim: Megillah 7a-b

Rabbi Yochanan said, "I grew up by Rabbi Oshia Berebi [leader of the generation] for eighteen days [years?], and I only learned one Talmudic lesson." He also said, "I grew up by Rabbi Oshia Berebi [leader of the generation] for eighteen days [years?], and I learned the levels of sharpness and wisdom of his twelve students": Eruvin 53a

Rabbi Yochanan said, "When we learned by Rabbi Oshia, four students would sit in a cubit's space": Eruvin 53a

Rabbi Yochanan said, "Rabbi Oshia was to his generation as Rabbi Meir was to his; his colleagues couldn't fully understand his opinions": Eruvin 53a

Rabbi Yochanan said, "The early ones [a reference to Rabbi Akiva or Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua] had hearts like the entrance to the Temple's large hall, and the later ones [a reference to Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua or Rabbi Oshia Berebi (Berebi=leader of his generation)] like the entrance to the Temple's smaller hall, and ours are like the eye of a clothes-needle." Abbaye added, "Our ability to understand is like that of a peg jammed into a small hole in a wall." Rava added, "Our minds' ability to understand is like a finger stabbing into thick wax." Rav Ashi added, "We forget as easily as a finger fits into a cistern's entrance.": Eruvin 53a

What happened when Rabbi Oshia's daughter-in-law went to the bathhouse before Shabbat, and got stuck outside of the town when Shabbat began, and her mother-in-law set up a meal extending the limit [Techum] she could travel on her behalf: Eruvin 80a

Rabbi Oshia as the compiler of the baraitot: Bava Metzia 62b-63a

Rava said: When I pass on, Rabbi Oshia will come out to greet me, because I explained mishnayot to match his braitot: Bava Metzia 62b-63a

Rabbi Chama bar Bissa learned in yeshiva for twelve years. When he came home he did not wish to surprise his wife, lest she be harmed, as happened with the wife of Rabbi Chanina bar Chachinai. So he went to learn in the local beit midrash first. He met his son, Rabbi Oshia, and engaged in Torah discussion without knowing it was his son, and he was impressed. When he came home, his son was there, and he stood for his son, until his wife said, "What father stands for his son?": Ketuvot 62b

Rami bar Chama said of Rabbi Oshia son of Rabbi Chama bar Bissa, "The tripled-threaded cord will not swiftly be severed" (from Kohelet 4): Ketuvot 62b

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