Rav Mari

He was a son of Rav Chisda, according to an alternate edition of Kiddushin 32b

Rava was once serving Rav Pappa, Rav Huna beraih deRav Yehoshua, Rav Mari and Rav Pinchas beraih deRav Chisda, and only the former two stood up in respect for him, leading him to get upset at the latter two for acting as though they were greater than the former two: Kiddushin 32b

Rav Pappa responding jocularly to a question from Rav Mari: Berachot 24a

Rav Mari explained that a statement of Rabbi Eliezer was a guzma, an exaggeration intended to prove a point: Beitzah 4a

Rav Mari's leniency in ruling on an egg found in a chicken coop on Yom Tov: Beitzah 7b

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