Rav Huna breih DeR' Yehoshua

General Labelled a "Non-Learned Youth" by Rav Idi Bar Avin: Pesachim 35a

His Near Death Experience, and why he was allowed to live: Rosh HaShanah 17a

Was known to study the extralegal lessons of Rav Chisda and Rabbah breih DeRav Huna: Shabbat 89a

Would not travel 4 Cubits with his head uncovered: Kiddushin 31a

Said his reward should be for not travelling 4 Cubits with his head uncovered: Shabbat 118b

Ate New Produce outside of Israel on the 16th of Nisan at night, without concern that it may really be the 16th: Menachot 68b

Removing seeds of dates which were too good for fodder, only after gathering them in a heap which was disgusting enough to use for fodder: Shabbat 143a

Rav Huna breih deR' Yehoshua claimed that the topographical heights and depths of Bei Beiri and Bei Narsh aged him early: Eruvin 56a

Involvement with Rav Pappa