Rav Huna bar Chinina

Rav Huna bar Chinina wanted to announce a leniency in his address, but Rava warned him against doing so because of the laxity it would lead to: Nedarim 23b

Rav Yosef stated a law regarding two cases, and Rav Huna bar Chinina asked, "You only taught this regarding one of those cases!": Eruvin 14b

The Exilarch asked Rav Huna bar Chinina to fix up a shady area in such a way that it would be usable for Shabbat. Rav Huna bar Chinina made arrangements, which Rava took apart, as he felt they were unnecessary. Rav Pappa and Rav Huna breih deRav Yehoshua removed the materials, so that Rav Huna bar Chinina could not re-establish his arrangement, but they then realized on Shabbat that he had been correct. The Exilarch cited a verse regarding Rav Pappa and Rav Huna breih deRav Yehoshua - "They are wise to perform evil, but they don't know how to do good": Eruvin 25b-26a

Rav Huna bar Chinina asked a question against Rabbi Yochanan from a Mishnah, but Rava responded, "One who doesn't know how to explain a Mishnah is going to use it as a question against Rabbi Yochanan?!": Eruvin 67b

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