Rav Hemnuna [Zuta]

The eulogy for Rav Hemnuna: Moed Katan 25b

His Prayer Admitting Sin: Berachot 17a, Yoma 87b

Prayer after the Amidah for Hope for the Jews: Berachot 17a

Explaining the Mitzvah of changing clothing for Yom Kippur, to the Exilarch [Reish Galuta]: Shabbat 119a

Rav Hemnuna was buried at the same time as Rabbah bar Rav Huna, and Rav Hemnuna's casket wouldn't enter a bridge until Rabbah's did first, leading a passing merchant to insult him; in punishment, the merchant's teeth fell out: Moed Katan 25a-b

Rav telling Rav Hemnuna not to save money in order to leave it to his children; "Who will tell you about them in Sheol? Some people blossom and others wither.": Eruvin 54a

Rav Chisda sent Rav Hemnuna to ex-communicate some people who didn't come to his class, and when they explained that Rav Chisda didn't answer their questions, he told them he would answer, but then he was unable to answer, and they called him either "Cold Fish [a play on 'Hemnuna'/'Chamnuna', Warm Fish]" or "Corner-Sitter": Kiddushin 25a

Ex-Communicated people who were working while there was an unburied corpse in the town, until they explained that there was a special group of buriers on the job: Moed Katan 27b

Rav Chisda used to praise Rav Hemnuna to Rav Huna, but Rav Huna wouldn't receive him until he got married [as he was over 20?]: Kiddushin 29b

Rav Hemnuna didn't cover his head until he got married: Kiddushin 29b

Rav Hemnuna would rule in law during Rav Chisda's lifetime in the town of Charta deArgiz, which was not Rav Chisda's town: Eruvin 63a

Rav Sheshet citing Rav Hemnuna by the name "Hemnuna": Eruvin 67a

Rabbi Zeira was pleased about one lesson he learned in the Yeshiva of Rav Hemnuna, about sneezing during prayer, more than all the other lessons he learned there: Berachot 24b

Statements of Rav Sala, citing Rav Hemnuna: Taanit 7b

Rava [or perhaps Rabbah] was challenged by Rav Hemnuna, and he didn't have an answer and so he was silent [Ishtik]; only after Rav Hemnuna left did he say, "Why didn't I answer X?": Keritot 25a

Rav Hemnuna taught something, and everyone protested because they misunderstood him. But Rav Yosef explained it properly, and Rav Hemnuna said: The master is a great man, and therefore he understood what I was saying: Ketuvot 50b

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