Rav Dimi of Neherdaa

Careful for Magical "Zugot", even in markings on the seal of a wine barrel: Pesachim 110b

Exclaiming "Ha'Elokim!": Shabbat 145a

Rav Dimi learned a law in Israel, and said, "If I had someone to do it, I would send a letter to tell this to Rav Yosef in Bavel!: Temurah 14a

What Rav Dimi told the Sages when he arrived from Israel: Berachot 6b; Shabbat 72a, 74a, 76a, 108b, 125b, 134b, 147a, 152a; Eruvin 3a, 9a, 10b, 54b, 61a, 75a, 77a, 83a, 85b, 86b, 87a, 100b, 101b; Pesachim 60b, 110b; Rosh haShanah 23a; Yoma 55b, 63a, 72b, 88a; Succah 10a, 11b, 16b, 21a, 32b; Megillah 18a; Ketuvot 15a, 17a, 27b; Nedarim 40a; Kiddushin 12a, 31a; Zevachim 10a, 20a, 31a; Menachot 71b; Temurah 12b, 14b; Keritot 25b [note: this list is incomplete; I sometimes forget to include references here as I go through the gemara]

Abbaye heard a statement by Rav Dimi, and asked, "Is it possible you mean...?" Rav Dimi responded, "Man with the great skull [this is a term of honor]! I saw you in the study hall when Rabbi Yochanan taught that!": Eruvin 22b

Rav Dimi reporting a question of Ilfa's when he arrived from Israel, and then Ravin arriving from Israel and reporting Ilfa's subsequent response to his own question: Zevachim 20a

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