Rav Bibi Bar Abbaye

Based on Rashi Eruvin 25b, Rav Bibi bar Abbaye is the same person as Rav Bibi.

Used a formula to see Mazikin [Damaging Spirits] and was injured: Berachot 6a

Planned to finish Double Review of the Weekly Torah Portion on the day before Yom Kippur, or to do it ahead of the Congregation's pace: Berachot 8b

Rav Bibi and the Angel of Death: Chagigah 4b-5a

Rav Bibi's care not to create the appearance of having a tattoo, even if it meant forgoing a type of treatment for a bloodletting wound: Makkot 21a

Rabbah bar Ulla asked Rav Bibi bar Abbaye, "Rebbe, isn't that a lesson we already learned in this Mishnah?": Eruvin 8a

Rav Bibi bar Abbaye asked a question, which sounded like Rami bar Chama's question. Rav Bibi responded, "Would I argue based on someone else's question?! Rather, I mean...": Eruvin 90a

Rav Bibi bar Abbaye apparently contradicting himself in explaining two parts of the same mishnah: Keritot 3b

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