Rav Papi

Rav Papi allowed the bakers of the Reish Galuta [Exilarch] to put dried, burnt grain into cooking food on Pesach: Pesachim 40b

Used to make Kiddush many times, for his students and then for his workers as they arrived: Rosh HaShanah 29b

Rav Papi declined a ground cereal at Mar Shemuel's home on Yom Tov, out of fear that it had been improperly prepared: Beitzah 14b

Rav Papi said to Rav Bibi, in response to an idea of Rav Bibi's, "Because you come from people whose lives were cut short, you say words which are cut short (have no legs)" [Alternate reading: "Because you come from great people, you say great things"]: Eruvin 25b

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