Rav Achai

Using Unique Term "Pashit" for "Answered"; possibly of the Gaonic Era: Tos. Ketuvot 2b

Unique Term of "Parich" for "Asked": Ketuvot 47a; Kiddushin 13a; Bechorot 6a

Unique Term of "Mishani [Answered] Rav Achai": Ketuvot 10a

Rav Achai married off his son in the household of Rav Yitzchak bar Shmuel bar Marta, and investigated when his son was not able to consummate the marriage. He found that there was a Torah Scroll in the room, and said they could have endangered his son by leaving it there, had the son consummated the marriage in the room: Berachot 25b

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