Rav Ada bar Ahavah

Rav Ada bar Ahavah had a child who was born circumcised, and blamed himself for causing the castration of the child by bringing him to numerous Circumcisors on Shabbat, against Rav's Ruling: Shabbat 135a

Rav Nachman found Rav Ada bar Ahavah making a blessing on creating his Tzitzit-Fringes, and Rav Nachman made fun of this, saying, "What is this Tzitzi I hear?": Menachot 42a

What he did when he thought he saw a Jewish woman wearing an immodest garment in public: Berachot 20a

Rav Ada bar Ahavah's host's question regarding an egg laid on Yom Tov and its preparation for consumption on Shabbat: Beitzah 4a

Rav Ada bar Ahavah cited a practice in the name of Rav, but in Israel they laughed at the idea: Beitzah 13b-14a

Rav Ada bar Ahavah reviewed the relevant material 24 times before going to Rava for a class on it: Taanit 8a

Raveina told Rava what Rav Ada bar Ahavah had reported in his name: Ketuvot 68b

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