Mar bar Rav Ashi

Rav Ashi, father of Mar bar Rav Ashi

The special 7 Blessings recited at his Wedding: Ketuvot 8a

His prayer after the Amidah, which became our "Elokai Netzor" prayer: Berachot 17a

Wouldn't use wine for a Cup associated with a Special Blessing if it came from a barrel which had been drunken from: Pesachim 106a

Prided himself on refusing to adjudicate cases involving a "Tzurba MeiRabbanan [Young Torah Scholar]", because his love for Torah Scholars would prejudice him: Shabbat 119a

Making a bridal crown for his daughter: Gittin 7a

Paid extra for a head-covering for himself, because as a great person he needed one: Kiddushin 8a

Raveina was travelling behind Mar bar Rav Ashi in the market and saw the strings of one corner of his Tzitzit garment tear, but he didn't tell him until they were indoors, to avoid disrespect for people in removing them: Menachot 37b-38a

Rav Ashi termed his son Mar bar Rav Ashi a "great man": Kiddushin 8a

Mar bar Rav Ashi referred to his father as, "My father, my teacher" when quoting him in a public lecture; the transmitter would say, "Rav Ashi": Kiddushin 31b

Mar bar Rav Ashi mentioning that once he saw his father perform a certain act which some forbade; he asked, "Does this mean you disagree with X?" Rav Ashi responded, "I hadn't heard of that view," which meant, "I don't agree with that view": Eruvin 102b

Mar Zutra visited Mar bar Rav Ashi and corrected him on a religious practice. Mar bar Rav Ashi explained that he had not been paying attention to the issue ["Lav Adaatai" as explained by Rashi there] [Note that Rav Ashi had a similar exchange]: Berachot 26a

How Raveina collected the dowry for Rav Ashi's daughter from the property of Mar bar Rav Ashi and from the son of Rav Sama bar Rav Ashi: Ketuvot 69a

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