Talmudic methods of analyzing the Torah's text

LinksGeneral Methodologies"Gematria" Analyses"Kal VaChomer" - Learning More Obvious Lessons from Less Obvious Lessons"Kelal UPerat", "Perat UKelal" = Principles followed by Specifications, or Vice Versa, in the Torah"Ribuy/Miut" - Extra words including/excluding Cases from a Rule"Binyan Av""HaTzad HaShaveh - Meh Matzinu" = Learning from Non-Equivalent Cases, where there is Common Ground [also: "teitei chada mitarti"]"Gezeirah Shavah" = Use of Similar [Odd] Phraseology in Separate Sections of the Torah [pleonasm]"Hekesh" - Linkage of VersesAnalysis of Adjacent Texts [Semuchin]"Ba Lidon biDavar heChadash" - A text which was dealing with one topic, and then strayed to teach a novelty"Machria" - A 3rd, Compromising Opinion"Davar SheHayah BeKelal VeYatza" - An Item which left its group to be mentioned individually"Im Eino Inyan" - This biblical sentence cannot apply to its own case, but teaches a lesson about another"Davar haLamed mei'Inyano" - Biblical statements are understood based on contextMiscellania