Details of the Parah Adumah [Red Heifer]

Whether the red heifer is considered to be bedek habayit - an entity consecrated for the upkeep of the Beit haMikdash: Zevachim 14b; Temurah 20a

Benefiting from the parah adumah: Pesachim 26a-b; Menachos 51b-52a

Benefiting from the parah adumah's ashes: Menachot 51b-52a

If a bird landed on the parah adumah: Pesachim 26a, Bava Metzia 30a

If a bull had sexual intercourse with the parah adumah: Pesachim 26b, Bava Metzia 30a

What happens if someone slaughters the parah adumah outside the Beit haMikdash: Temurah 6b

Is shechitah of a parah adumah considered a valid 'shechitah' for various laws, such as the prohibition against oto v'et bno - shechitah of an animal and its young on the same day: Keritot 25a

Using a red heifer which had been prostitute's fee: Temurah 30b

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