Rooved Structures [Tumat Ohel]

The laws of Rooved Structures are considered to be one of the more difficult sections of Torah, but they will be easily clarified in The "World to Come": Pesachim 50a

Laws spoken to Moshe at Sinai

Communicating impurity of death in an ohel

Communicating impurity from blood in an ohel

Communicating impurity from flesh or bone of a live person

Communicating impurity from a sheretz in an ohel

A metzora in an ohel

Impurity in an ohel, due to rocks from a house that manifested tzaraat

Impurity of death extending from an ohel

Vessels in an ohel

Food in an ohel

Communication of impurity in a rooved structure, into the contents of a receptacle

Doubtful impurity in an ohel

Structure of an ohel

Cemeteries, and communication of impurity in overshadowing a corpse

Communication of impurity into vessels covered with a tight, well-sealed seal [Mukaf Tzamid Patil]

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