Sadducee Anecdotes

With R' Chanina, on the Manifestation of HaShem staying with the Jews even in their Impurity: Yoma 56b-57a
Antagonizing R' Yehoshua Ben Levi: Berachot 7a
With Beruriah, on the future of the Jews: Berachot 10a
With Rava, on the Jewish Proclamation of "We will do and we will listen" for the giving of the Torah: Shabbat 88a-b
With R' Avahu, a debate which employed Analysis of Adjacent Biblical Texts: Berachot 10a
With R' Avahu, on how King Saul could have called up Shemu'el's spirit with Magic: Shabbat 152b-153a
With R' Yehoshua HaGarsi, on use of the hides of improperly slaughtered animals for Phylacteries: Shabbat 108a
With R' Yehoshua Ben Karcha: Shabbat 152a [See Rashi]
With R' Yehoshua ben Chananiah regarding Gd's praise for the Jews, terming them "thorns": Eruvin 101a
With R' Yochanan Ben Zakkai on the proper date of Shavuot [Pentecost]: Menachot 65a-b
Their attempt to foul up the Testimony on the New Month: Rosh HaShanah 22a, 22b
Their attempt to invalidate the Water Libation on the Altar during Succot: Succah 48b
The attempt of the Boethusians to thwart the "banging" of the Aravah on Shabbat in the Temple: Succah 43b
R' Yehudah ben Tabbai had an Ed Zomem killed to show the Tziddukim they were wrong regarding a law, but made a mistake himself, which Shimon ben Shetach pointed out. From then on, he refused to rule in law other than before Shimon ben Shetach, and he spent his life crying at the grave of his victim for forgiveness: Makkot 5b

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