A Ger Toshav - a nochri who accepts the seven universal laws

Geirut - Conversion to Judaism

The prohibition for all human beings against eating flesh taken from living animals

Offerings and sacred tithes dedicated by nochrim

Nochrim and the rules of tithing Israeli produce

Burial of Jews by nochrim

Property a nochri sets aside for idolatry

Cooking utensils of nochrim

Laws of lineage, adultery, incest for nochrim

Rules of purity and impurity for nochrim

First-born kosher animals [bechor] owned by or with nochrim

First-born donkeys [peter chamor] owned by or with nochrim

Defrauding and damaging nochrim

Testimony by a nochri

Writing a Torah Scroll

Writing Phylacteries

Writing a Doorpost Scroll

Writing a bill of divorce

Delivering a bill of divorce

Nochrim and Shabbat

Selling animals to nochrim who might then use them on Shabbat

Merging adjacent yards, vis-a-vis transport between the yards on Shabbat, if one of the yards' houses is owned by a nochri

Chametz [leaven] owned by a Nochri during Pesach

Using grain owned or cut by a Nochri for the Korban Omer

Nochrim representing Jews as shlichim in ritual activities

Nochrim representing Jews as shlichim in civil matters

Business partnership with a nochri

Tzniut and nochrim


As Witnesses on a bill of divorce


A nochri owning an eved ivri

Financial interest on loans/investments and nochrim

Secular courts

Theft by a nochri

Onaat Mammon and nochrim

Specific nochrim appearing in the Talmud

Involvement of Jews in nochri society

Using the oil of anointing for a nochri

Nochrim and Sabbatical Year produce

Performing circumcision

Idols sculpted by Nochrim

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