Involvement with the Dead

The Life of the Deceased

Involvement between the dead and sheidim/Spirits: R. Chagigah 3b "SheTishreh"

Spirits of the dead affecting the living: Berachot 18b; Shabbat 149b, 152b [2x]

Whether the dead sense their own decay: Berachot 18b; Shabbat 152a

Whether the dead sense what is happening in their cemeteries: Berachot 18a

Whether the dead know who is going to die: Berachot 18b

The dead present at their Eulogy: Shabbat 153a

Rav Nachman appearing to Rava after death: Moed Katan 28a

Rava appearing to his brother, Rav Seorim, after death: Moed Katan 28a

Rabbi Chiyya and Rabbi Yonatan walking in a cemetery, and their dialogue on the awareness of the dead: Berachot 18a-b

A pious man who eavesdropped on conversations between deceased spirits about the year's upcoming weather: Berachot 18b

Zeiri speaking to his deceased hostess, to find out where his money was stored. She asked him to have her mother send her cosmetics with a certain woman who was to die the next day: Berachot 18b

Ov and YidoniOther means of contacting the dead

Sleeping in a cemetery, to acquire Ruach Tumah - Spirit of Impurity: Chagigah 3b-4a [see also Berachot 18b?]

Onkelos bar Klonikos pursuing conversion, and consulting his uncle Titus, Bilam and Jews who had sinned, via necromancy: Gittin 56b-57a

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