Clothing styles and fashions

White shoes were 'out' in Talmudic times: Beitzah 14b, 15a

Which types of clothing are better for which seasons: Ketuvot 47b-48a

Which parts of the animal hide used for shoes faced inward, or outward, in different locations: Beitzah 15a

Clothing is considered to be a person's "glory": Shabbat 113b

Silk clothing as particularly nice: Ketuvot 65a

The difference between wool threads and flax threads: Zevachim 18b

The difference between working with wool and working with flax - and perhaps specifically Roman flax: Ketuvot 61b

Rav Ashi reporting that Persian King Yezdegerd told Rav Huna to lower his belt [to the position in which it was worn in the Beit haMikdash], because that style would be more dignified and would reflect our status of a nation of priests: Zevachim 19a

The unique nature of "coloured clothing" in a marriage: Ketuvot 72b

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