Open Robbery [gezel] and Surreptitious Theft [geneivah]

For rules of payment of a Fine if an item is stolen from a Guardian and the Guardian has paid the owner for it, see the individual guardians listed in Acquisition.


General IssuesLaws specific to Acts of Surreptitious Theft [Geneivah]Laws specific to Acts of Open Robbery [Gezeilah]Special Case - Military Expropriation of PropertyOwnership and Responsiblity for Stolen GoodsReturning Stolen GoodsDetermining the Value of the Stolen ItemRestitutionThe Fine of paying double for Theft - Kefel כפלThe Fine of paying four or five times the value of a stolen sheep or ox - טבח ומכרAdding One-Fifth [chomesh] if a Person Swore Falsely that he did not Steal the ItemOther