Implements of the Temple - Klei haMikdash / Klei Shareit

Making the implements

Disqualification of Temple Service performed without these implements

Clothing of the Kohen during Temple Service

The Ark [Aron], and its Contents

The Cherubs [Keruvim]

The Outer Altar [The "Earthen Altar" - מזבח אדמה, מזבח העולה]

The Altar in the Internal Room [The "Golden Altar" - מזבח הזהב, מזבח הקטורת]

Candelabra [Menorah]

Table [Shulchan]

Sink [Kiyyor]

Bowls [Bezichin]

"Hin" Vessel

Collection Boxes [Shofarot]

Sanctification of offerings via placement in Beit haMikdash implements

Status of the implements after the destruction of the Beit haMikdash

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