The Beit haMikdash [Temple], beyond the law

The Beit haMikdash is termed "Zevul": Rosh HaShanah 17a

The Beit haMikdash is termed "Levanon": Gittin 56b

The Beit haMikdash as a place of Prayer for Hashem: Berachot 7a

One who never saw Hurdus's Beit haMikdash, never saw a beautiful building: Succah 51b

The Beit haMikdash was created before the universe: Pesachim 54a; Nedarim 39b

The ages of each Beit haMikdash: Bava Batra 3a-b

The Beit haMikdash crying out in outrage at the presence of kohanim who treated the Avodah [service] disrespectfully - Chofni and Pinchas, and Yissachar Ish Kfar Barkai - and crying out to welcome kohanim who treated the Avodah [service] with love - Yochanan ben Nadbai student of Pinkai, and Elisha ben Pika'i student of Pinchas: Pesachim 57a; Keritot 28a-b

King David's dedication of the floor of the Beit haMikdash: Tosafot Zevachim 24a "Ho'il"

The azarah [outer room] of the Beit haMikdash cries out against the presence of people who rule by force, and cries out for the presence of the righteous: Pesachim 57a

Whether the doors of the azarah closed automatically for each group slaughtering its Pesach offering, or not: Pesachim 64b

When the floor of the azarah is filled with blood from offerings, this is an added glory for the Kohanim: Pesachim 65b

Punishment for disdain of the Beit haMikdash: Pesachim 57a-b; Keritot 28b

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