How Many Mitzvot Are There

613: Nedarim 25a; Makkot 23b-24a

365 Prohibitions: Makkot 23b

248 Commandments: Makkot 23b

King David Concentrating the Torah's commandments down to eleven:
  1. Walking perfectly with Gd,
  2. Performing good and just deeds,
  3. Speaking truth from the heart,
  4. Keeping far from lies,
  5. Not impinging on another's trade,
  6. Drawing one's family closer,
  7. Rejecting those whom Gd rejects,
  8. Honoring those who have awe of Gd,
  9. Keeping oaths which harm one's self,
  10. Not lending with interest, even to Nochrim,
  11. Not taking money which remotely resembles a bribe - Makkot 24a

Yeshayah Narrowed down the Torah to six Mitzvot, and then down to two Mitzvot.

The six are:
  1. Walking with just and good deeds,
  2. Speaking evenly and non-incitefully,
  3. Rejecting money which appears like a bribe,
  4. Wiping one's hands from the appearance of supporting financial corruption,
  5. Sealing one's ears from hearing and accepting slander regarding young Torah scholars,
  6. Refusing to look at forbidden sights.
The two are:
  1. Guard justice,
  2. Perform good and just deeds - Makkot 24a

Michah Narrowed down the Torah to three Mitzvot:
  1. Performing justice,
  2. Performing kind acts for others,
  3. Acting modestly - Makkot 24a

Amos may have Narrowed down the Torah to one Mitzvah - Seek Gd: Makkot 24a

Chavakuk Narrowed down the Torah to one Mitzvah - A righteous person will live with his trust in Hashem: Makkot 24a

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