Principles of Credibility

LinksCredibility of WitnessesAmatla [אמתלא] - An Excuse, Explaining a [False] StatementBeYado [בידו] - Credibility Where the Truth is Under the Testifier's ControlWorrying about "Favor-Traders [גומלין]" Among Witnesses Aiding Each Others' CasesThe one who forbade X, permitted X [הפה שאסר הוא הפה שהתיר]Mah Li LeShaker [מה לי לשקר] - Why would I lie?Maysi'ach Lefi Tumo [מסיח לפי תומו] - Speaking without Knowledge of the Speech's EffectMigo [מיגו] - Believe a litigant who makes claim X, becaue they could have made a claim Y which would have been better for themMilta De'Avida Le'Igluyay [מילתא דעבידא לאיגלויי] - A Case where the Truth Will be KnownShavyah ANafsheih Chaticha De'Issura [שויה אנפשיה חתיכה דאיסורא] - Forbidding an item to one's self (alone)]Other PrinciplesSome cases