Trusted Individuals

A Trusted individual wouldn't allow something out of his hands, if it could cause another to err: Eruvin 32a, 37b; Pesachim 9a; Niddah 15b

Trusting for Searching for Leaven Before Pesach: Pesachim 4b

Trusting for proper separation of Terumah and Other Tithes from his produce: Eruvin 30b, 32a-b; Pesachim 4b, 9a; Niddah 15b

Whether a Chaver need be warned before he commits a crime, in order for him to be liable for punishment: Makkot 6b, 9b

Would a righteous person prefer to violate a light prohibition in order to prevent an unlearned layperson from violating a more serious prohibition, or not: Eruvin 32b

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