Kiddushin via Intercourse קידושי ביאה

General mention of ability to conduct Kiddushin via Intercourse: Kiddushin 2a

Source for this manner of Kiddushin: Kiddushin 4b, 9b

Whether Kiddushin is complete at the beginning or end of Intercourse: Kiddushin 10a

Where the intercourse is not normal intercourse: Kiddushin 9b

The father's ability to assent for his daughter, if she is under the age of 12.5, regarding this kind of Kiddushin: Ketuvot 46b, 65b; Kiddushin 3b, 10a

The youngest age when this sort of Kiddushin will work: Kiddushin 10a

Must the intercourse happen with intent for marriage: Ketuvot 73b-74a

Where a man stipulated a condition for Kiddushin and then had intercourse with his intended wife, and then it turned out that the condition had not been fulfilled: Ketuvot 74a
What happens if a man gives money in a way that is ineffective for creating Kiddushin, and then they have intercourse without stipulating that the intercourse is for the sake of creating Kiddushin: Ketuvot 74a-b

Flogging for completing Kiddushin via Intercourse: Kiddushin 12b

May one send a proxy to create Kiddushin via intercourse: Ketuvot 74a

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