The Transaction involved in the Kiddushin Stage of Marriage

Please note that "Kiddushin" refers to the initial stage of marriage, at which point the husband and wife are not yet permitted to each other, and then "Nisuin" refers to the second stage, which completes the deed.

General Details of the "Kiddushin" Stage in Marriage

Meals in honour of kiddushin and marriage

Potential relationships for which kiddushin is ineffective

The "Kiddushin" Declaration / Her Response

Kiddushin via Payment of Money or its Equivalent - כסף

Kiddushin via a Bill of Kiddushin - שטר

Kiddushin via Intercourse - ביאה

The Courts and Marriage

Conditional marriage to a woman who is not yet available

Yiud - Marrying a Maidservant into the Family

Kiddushin on Chol haMoed

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