Requirement of a Man to Clothe his Wife - כסות

The biblical duty to clothe one's wife: Ketuvot 47b-48a

The duty to give clothing appropriate for each season: Ketuvot 47b-48a, 64b

The duty to give clothing appropriate for each woman's age: Ketuvot 47b-48a

The duty to provide bedding: Ketuvot 64b, 65a

How much clothing the husband must provide annually: Ketuvot 64b, 65a-b

Adjusting the clothing a man must provide based on his socioeconomic status: Ketuvot 64b

A specific requirement to provide a hat, belt and shoes: Ketuvot 64b

Marrying a woman on condition of not having to fulfill the requirement of providing food, clothing and sexual satisfaction: Ketuvot 56a-b; Kiddushin 19b; Bava Metzia 51a-b

Providing silk clothing when a rabbinical court assigns funding for clothing for a woman whose husband passed away or is not in town, to maintain her dignity: Ketuvot 65a

If there is leftover money from the amount allotted for clothing - whether for a married woman or for a widow - who receives it?: Ketuvot 65b

The duty to provide money for perfume: Ketuvot 66b

The amount of money the sages ordered to be provided by Nakdimon ben Gurion's son-in-law, daily, for his daughter's perfume: Ketuvot 66b

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