The Ketubah Guaranteed to a Wife in case of Divorce/Widowing

In this document, "Ketubah" will refer to the document guaranteeing Money to the Wife in the event of Widowing/Divorce. "Ketubah-Money" will refer to that money.


Nature of the KetubahValue of the Ketubah PaymentProblems setting the amount for the KetubahAdditional Amounts Pledged by the Husband - Tosefet Ketubah תוספת כתובהRights of a bride's parent to the ketubah moneyPost-kiddushin disclosure of circumstances which might have disqualfied the kiddushinLosing the right to the ketubahWhat-Ifs and Problems in collecting ketubah moneyCan a man object that he thought his wife was a betulah when he married her, if: