Marrying a Prisoner of War - "Eishet Yefat Toar"

Considering the permission of the Torah to marry her, as a concession to people's Evil Side: Kiddushin 21b, 21b-22a

Whether a Kohen may marry a prisoner of war: Kiddushin 21b

When the prisoner must be married, to permit the whole deal: Kiddushin 21b

Whether a previously-married woman may be taken: Kiddushin 21b

Whether the man must now treat her as a full wife: Kiddushin 22a

Whether she must be pretty [extrapolating from a verse's wording]: Kiddushin 22a

Whether more than one may be taken, for someone else: Kiddushin 22a

Whether he may have relations with her while the war is underway: Kiddushin 22a

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