Idolatry: Beyond the Laws

Idolatry originated with the Generation of Enosh: Shabbat 118b

Because the Jews Martyred themselves rather than commit idolatry, the prohibition has stayed strong: Shabbat 130a

Disgracing the Intermediate Days of holidays is like worshipping Idolatry: Pesachim 118a; Makkot 23a

Arrogance is compared to idolatry, and to denial of Gd's existence: Sotah 4b

Arrogance is like building an altar for idolatry: Sotah 4b

The gravity of the punishment for idolatry: Taanit 5a-b

Gd always sees idolatry: Bava Metzia 59a

Denial of idolatry warrants the title "Yehudi [Judean]": Megillah 13a

Considering denial of idolatry to be equivalent to admission to the Entire Torah: Nedarim 25a; Kiddushin 40a

Destructive acts of rage are [like] Idolatry: Shabbat 105b

Whether thoughts of idolatry are punished by Gd: Kiddushin 39b, 40a

Better to walk behind a woman, which is immodest, than to walk behind an idol: Eruvin 18b

Better to walk behind an idol than to walk behind a synagogue while the people inside are praying: Eruvin 18b

Failure to give tzedakah is compared to idolatry: Ketuvot 68a

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