Philanthropy - Tzedakah צדקה

The Poverty Line, to accept tzedakah

How to give tzedakah in the best way

Reward and importance of tzedakah

Pledging tzedakah on Shabbat

Pledging tzedakah

Mitzvah of lending to the needy

Mitzvah of tzedakah by a rabbinical court

The official tzedakah collector [gabbai tzedakah]; Town Collections

The Community Kitchen

Redeeming captives

Helping people to marry

General mitzvot of generosity [chesed]

The Psychology of Philanthropy

On accepting gifts

Declaring one's property ownerless [hefker הפקר]

Disposing of funds that were dedicated for a mitzvah (like tzedakah) and not needed

Matanot la'Evyonim - The special mitzvah of Purim Tzedakah

Power of rabbinical courts to compel fulfillment of tzedakah

Court-appointed guardians giving tzedakah from the property they are overseeing

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