Rabbinically Decreed Lashes - makkat mardut מכת מרדות

For Isolation with a Member of the Opposite Gender: Ketuvot 13a

For Violation of The Second Day of Holidays, Added in Exile: Pesachim 52a

Whipping for violation of rabbinic law is considered a more lenient punishment than Ex-Communication: Pesachim 52a

For a couple which meets in Court to settle financial matters after divorce rather than use an intermediary: Ketuvot 28a

For giving the Court Messenger a hard time when summoned: Kiddushin 12b

For one who remains in Ex-Communication for 30 days without attempting to end it: Kiddushin 12b

For a groom who stays/sleeps by his in-laws: Kiddushin 12b

For a husband who falsely accuses his wife of post-kiddushin adultery, if he never lived with her: Ketuvot 45b-46a

For completing the initial marriage transaction [Kiddushin] in the marketplace: Kiddushin 12b

For completing the initial marriage transaction [Kiddushin] via Intercourse: Kiddushin 12b

For attempting to annul a Bill of Divorce after writing [and sending] it: Kiddushin 12b

For publishing a bill challenging the validity of his Bill of Divorce: Kiddushin 12b

For using a human wall to allow transport in an area on Shabbat, where the humans know they are being used for this purpose: Eruvin 44b

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