Blessing of Mourners - Birkat ha'Aveilim

Requiring a quorum: Megillah 23b; Ketuvot 8b

Whether the quorum includes the mourners, or not: Megillah 23b

The blessing is recited in the road after the burial: Ketuvot 8b

The blessing is only recited if the spine of the deceased is intact: Moed Katan 25a

Reciting the mourners' blessing during the week of mourning: Ketuvot 8b

The blessing and the post-burial meal: Ketuvot 8b

Various versions of the blessing: Ketuvot 8b

Reciting the blessing for a Eved Kenaani: Berachot 16b

Reciting the blessing on the intermediate days of holidays [chol hamoed]: Moed Katan 27a

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